Readable links to a point in time


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Sometimes, you want to refer to a point in time, and also want to provide a timezone converter for them. provides links to points in time and presents them in a set of selected timezones and/or local time.


To ensure compatibility with non-JavaScript clients, the server responds with a pure HTML page without local time. JavaScript provides the rendering of local time and local time format using the native Intl and Date APIs, eventually the Temporal API. JavaScript also provides the visual editing interface for the date, time and list of timezones to show in.

Timezone Specifiers

GeoNames data is used to generate data/cities.json, a huge 5MB JSON blob containing cities with a population greater than 15000. In the event this is not enough, more cities can be included by using the alternate cities5000.txt file.

The timezone specifiers are generated by the code in scripts/data.go, which assemble an identifier replacing non-alphanumeric and quote characters with underscores. Dashes then are used to join the city name, administrative division level 1 names and country names.

Alternatively, a fixed timezone can be specified as an offset like +08:00. This caters for scenarios where the local DST and other local time differences should not be accounted for. These are guarenteed to be stable and accurate.

Timezone Data

Go relies on local tzdata, and thus relies on it too.

Upcoming Improvements

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